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Established since 2006, Geohydrocean consists of Graduates from Marine Science, Biology, Fisheries and Marine Technology background. We constantly learnt and adapt new knowledge and technological advancement into project together with our clients in order to deliver result exceed expectation.

In an era where the customer has the ability to access any kind of information they wants and make a judicious choice about a system integration or products of choice based on the costs and quality - we help our customers by not just providing a timely solution to their business and research needs, but also by playing a proactive role in thinking through their solutions. We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective solutions in the most advanced oceanography, hydrological and environmental projects including system application, instrumentation and maintenance to customers from the small and medium enterprise to multi national companies.

Our commitment will always be reflected through honest and responsible businesses dealings. Our recommendation are based on our handling experience, capability, economical and reliability. Our competitive edge through quality service, human relation, and trust development.